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Trauma Scene Cleaning Management, Inc. evolved out of the need for safe, effective, reliable and discreet cleaning and sanitizing by trained technicians. We understand the mental and physical stress associated with a variety of cleaning needs – especially those required urgently. Trauma Scene Cleaning Management, Inc. can help. Families can rely upon us to alleviate the anxiety associated with the cleaning and sanitizing process and get the work done.

Trauma Scene Cleaning Management, Inc. was established in 1999 in New York. Led by Earlin Brown and Mehdi Ben-Mimoun, we are hired by numerous cities and counties, homeowners (or their family members), caregivers, social service agencies, building/property management companies, hotels and business owners, as well as professional organizers. We are considered an industry leader for cleaning and sanitizing services.

As an outgrowth of providing our clients with such good services we are also relied upon for providing referrals so that you have a one stop call for all of your related needs which can be met by our vetted and approved providers for a wide variety of related services.


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